Beautiful Fall Wedding at Light of the Gospel Missionary Church – David and Veronica

Despite the many events that took place during 2020, love still thrived – especially the love between David and Veronica. On a crisp fall afternoon, two special people decided on forever at the beautiful Light of the Gospel Missionary Church in Roseville, CA. With an intimate outdoor ceremony and a beautiful indoor dining hall, the bride and groom were able to celebrate the start of their forever surrounded by those who mattered the most.

Knowing the bride and groom personally, it was especially meaningful to be a part of their wedding day. They each got ready in the comfort of their homes, a touching sentiment as they each woke up in separate homes for the last time. We decided to shoot the first look at a nearby park in Roseville, CA. The beautiful fall colors of the trees provided the perfect background for one of our favorite moments as wedding videographers to film. It was evidently clear to see the deep rooted love shared between this happy couple during the long awaited first look.

The wedding ceremony took place outdoors under stunning canopy covers. Lined with flowers and lanterns, the grand entrance was truly a spectacle. One challenge we did face, however, was during the first kiss. We quickly noticed that the pastor was directly in front of the main camera, blocking one of the most important moments of the wedding day. To remedy this, we quickly did a “re-do” of the first kiss just after ceremony. Thankfully, this clip fit in perfectly with the original footage and we were truly happy with the end result.

The reception moved indoors into the beautiful dining hall of Light of the Gospel Missionary Church. The groom knew the wedding host for a long time, spending hours playing basketball in their local gym. In fact, they had a little wager before the wedding day in which the host offered a discount if the groom could make a shot during one of their basketball games. Needless to say, David easily made that shot. Sharing a love for basketball, the host incorporated a fun game with the wedding party, testing how well they knew the bride and groom while shooting a little basketball into a little hoop. Filled with speeches, performances, and lots of games, the reception was a blast for everyone involved.

David and Veronica have known each other for quite awhile and though they didn’t realize it at first, their relationship would develop into a blossoming marriage. We began their wedding video with a shot during the reception in which the bride and groom were reminded of a hilarious but very meaningful video. Played a projector screen for all to see, the guests watched of video of David sharing his first impression of Veronica before they even started dating! Raving of her beauty and incredible personality, he stated that the man who gets to marry her would be one lucky guy…little did he know, he was talking about himself! This was such a unique and touching moment, we knew we wanted to highlight this in their wedding film.

The night finished with a classic sparkler send off as the guests held dazzling sparklers above the newlyweds. It was truly an honor to film this special wedding and we hope you enjoy this fall wedding film celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Bayko.

Videographer: Amid Films
Photographer Indigo Sky Studio
Decorator: Simply Perfect
Host: Andrey Kazak
Wedding Cake: Backing With Passion

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